Make delicious, fresh-baked pizza at home with Etalia pizza dough. Simply top & bake. Made with simple, clean ingredients. Organic | GF

Nudo Topping Tips

The Nudo Pizza Dough is a blank canvas for your own creations. Just add your favorite toppings to make your own delicious pizza. The possibilities are endless. 

Leave Dough Uncovered Around the Edge

  • You'll notice that we leave quite a bit of dough showing on our topped pizzas. That’s because as they bake, the dough that’s uncovered rises and bubbles beautifully to create that real-deal pizza experience.

Important Tips for Topping Your Nudo:

  1. Place your frozen Nudo on your Pizza Screen or white parchment paper (included in box) before you add your toppings. This is important because once the dough thaws, it’s difficult to move.
  2. Leave about 1-1/2" of dough uncovered around the outside edge (see above photo).
  3. For the sauce, we suggest 7-8 Tablespoons or ½ Cup per pizza. If too much sauce is added, your pizza won’t get that nice crispy bottom.
  4. Try not to overload - we know, we get excited about great toppings too! But we recommend lightly topping your pizza with cheese and other fresh ingredients. This creates a nice balance between the crust and toppings for an amazing artisanal pizza experience. If you do add a hefty amount of toppings you will likely need to increase the baking time and watch it closely.
We love to see pictures of your creations! You can email them to or post them on Facebook or Instagram to share!
Have Fun & Enjoy!
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