Make delicious, fresh-baked pizza at home with Etalia pizza dough. Simply top & bake. Made with simple, clean, organic ingredients. Organic | GF

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"Ok, just going to say WOW! My husband is not GF and he is amazed! So excited." ~Tina, Hampden MA

"Whether looking for a great gluten free pizza or just looking for a great frozen pizza in general, this pizza is AMAZING! The crust crisps and bubbles just as stated and the flavor is fresh and perfect! Etalia has put a ton of effort into making a legit pizza and I would absolutely recommend getting the screen. Follow their directions and the pizza comes out PERFECT. This is excellent for both gluten-free and non gf pizza eaters! So so thankful to have found Etalia." ~Dianne, Charlotte NC

A must buy for gluten-free pizza lovers!
"Amazing pizza! Best frozen gluten-free pizza I've had in nearly fifteen years on the gluten free diet. Even my non-gf husband agreed the pizza crust is top notch. We purchased the pizza screen and were glad to have it! Highly recommend and hope you are available in stores nationwide soon - until then we will order online!" ~ Debbie, Norman OK

THE BEST Gluten-Free Pizza
"I just wanted to say that I just tried your pizza crust and it was THE BEST gluten free pizza I have ever had. It has been years that I have searched for the perfect gluten free crust and now I am so excited that I have discovered it. Thank you!!!" ~ Eliza, Boulder CO

So Delish
"I have been Gluten Free for over 20 years (before it was a “thing”) and I’ve tried almost every frozen pizza product. This is the best one. So delish." ~ Jenn, CO

Best Pizza Ever!
"My family has been gluten-free for over 10 years and we have never tasted a pizza as delicious as Etalia’s!! The ingredients are so fresh that it tastes like we made it from scratch in our kitchen. Thank you for making the best pizza ever!!" ~ Randel, La Quinta CA

"Sublime!!! We have food allergies on top of celiac, and this is a dream come true. I can’t tell you how this improves the quality of my son’s life. He is 17 and has lived with his food allergies for most of his life, found out he was allergic to peanut at the age of 18 months, all nuts age two, sesame age three; found out he had celiac at the age of 10. I just keep my feelers out in the hopes that I can find some good products to open up my son’s dietary experience. And mine! Diagnosed celiac age 53." ~ Mary, Charlottesville VA

Oh my goodness.
"Oh my goodness. We cooked up a pizza today on the naked crust with our own toppings. It was the best gluten free pizza crust we have ever had!!! We made it for lunch and for dinner it was so good." ~ Maria, Damascus OR

Hard to believe it's gluten-free
"This dough made a crispy and chewy pizza with just a few ingredients. We used a small amount of pizza sauce and lots of mozzarella cheese. Worked great on the first attempt. Looking forward to trying a couple of your recipes next. Thanks for a great product!" ~ Linda, Kent WA

Beyond good!!!!
"Beyond good!!!! Tastes like wood oven fired pizza to me. When we got the shipment in the mail we made it for lunch. Then it was so good we made it for dinner again LOL :laughing: We keep a strictly gluten-free household so this is nice because when we have parties people who don’t eat gluten-free will enjoy this - I can guarantee it." Maria, Parma OH

The BEST GF Pizza I have found!
"I'm the only GF person in my family, but I like to find options we can all enjoy. This pizza blew it out of the park! My whole family loved it and we now have a freezer full to enjoy for our Friday pizza and movie nights!" Kate, Norfolk VA

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