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Storing & Heating Your Artisan Bread

Storing & Heating Your Artisan Bread

Freeze Your Bread Upon Arrival
Our artisan bread ships frozen, thaws during transit, and upon arrival just pop the loaves in your freezer. This will keep them nice and fresh. Keep them frozen until you're ready to heat. To thaw, keep wrapped in the bag at room temp.
Heat Your Bread
- Place loaf in 400°F preheated oven.
- If frozen, heat 25–35 min. If thawed, heat 10–20 min.
- Every oven is different, so adjust temperature and time as needed.
Heating your bread in the oven will turn it a beautiful rich brown color and re-crisp the crust. The interior of the loaf will stay nice and soft.
Slice, Freeze, and Toast
- Upon arrival, slice your thawed loaf, put it back together, place back in the bag, and freeze.
- To enjoy by the slice, remove from freezer and toast.

Etalia Rustic Boule is the perfect bread to dip in olive oil. After all, that's why this bread was created :) It's also wonderful with salad, soup, for garlic bread, avocado toast, cheese fondue, or whatever else your heart desires.


~ Kristin

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