Make delicious, fresh-baked pizza at home with Etalia pizza dough. Simply top & bake. Made with simple, clean ingredients. Organic | GF

Our Story

Welcome to Etalia

2,174 miles. That's how far Kristin, our founder, trekked after deciding she wanted to do something different. She left her corporate job, sold her house, and went to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail. Her journey took her through 14 beautiful states from Georgia to Maine. It was an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Afterwards, she got sick. She experienced extreme fatigue and digestive issues that completely disrupted her life. After years of doctor visits, she was diagnosed with IBS — a catch-all for “something’s wrong, but we don’t know what”. Refusing to live in constant discomfort, she started doing research to determine what was wrong. Finally, she came across this "gluten thing”. It described her symptoms to a tee. She immediately eliminated gluten from her diet and in three months, was a completely new person. Come to find out, the intense physical stress put on her body while thru-hiking the trail, triggered her gluten intolerance.

She resolved her health issues, but now had another problem because pizza is her favorite food. She tried all the gluten-free pizzas on the market and they were horrible. The crusts were so bad that she ended up just picking off the cheese for dinner.

She wasn’t going to live her life without great pizza, so she decided to make one herself. She experimented with multiple recipes, different flours, and various other ingredients. She's from New York, so she's pretty picky about her pizza. After years, she finally got it — a delicious pizza crust that was crispy and airy, yet soft and chewy.

Etalia also makes Rustic Boule artisan bread that has a wonderful crisp crust, moist interior, and rich earthy flavor. It’s so good that you can simply dip it in olive oil.

We hope Etalia pizza and bread bring a bit of happiness to people. We love all the messages we get from people saying how it has changed their life, their child’s life, and their family’s life. Keep them coming.

Welcome to Etalia.

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