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Our Story

She Believed She Could, So She Did.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." - Lao Tzu

2,174 miles.

That's how far Kristin Carman, Etalia founder, trekked after deciding she needed something different. She had lost her balance. She needed to prioritize LIVING and EXPERIENCING her life. It became the first of many ‘go big or go home’ moments.

She quit her big day job, sold her house and car and stored all her remaining belongings. She then set out to hike the ENTIRE Appalachian Trail ALONE. Was she an avid hiker? Nope. But she tackled the journey as she had every other challenge... she leaned in and took one step at a time.

Failure was not an option.

She expected this life-changing accomplishment would result in her best health. Instead, it kicked-off three years of extreme fatigue and severe gastrointestinal issues. Official Diagnosis? IBS. Kristin was again challenged to lean in, figure it out and get back to living. She embraced an elimination diet and quickly identified the physical stress of her intense thru-hike triggered her gluten intolerance.

After trying some hideous cardboard-like gluten-free alternatives, she began mourning the end of enjoying her most favorite food: pizza. 

Where there is a will, there is a way.

Not being a cook or a baker, let alone understanding the very real challenges of gluten-free baking, she went to what she did know. Kristin started self-teaching, testing, tasting - repeat. She started making artisanal pizza dough with natural and organic ingredients including sorghum flour—an ancient whole grain that's flavorful, nutritious, and naturally gluten-free. After nearly a decade, she finally had a worthy dough: thin and crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside.

While she set out to create a pizza that not only honored her health guidelines and very high taste standards, she actually developed the first and only organic, fresh rising, gluten-free craft pizza.

Etalia isn’t just another gluten-free pizza. It’s the absolute best tasting frozen pizza on the market. Finally, you can eliminate the need to bake one pizza for the gluten-free eater and another for the gluten-full eaters.

It is with great excitement and pride, we invite you to taste the pizzeria pizza you remember, but feared you’d never get to enjoy again.

Welcome to Etalia.

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