Hey Colorado! The Nudo Pizza Dough is available at Natural Grocers! They have our bread, too!

Pizza Screen

Our #1 Tip: Baking Surface is Key

Cook Etalia pizzas on a Pizza Screen or Parchment Paper

Okay, So What’s a Pizza Screen?

Only the best way to cook pizza at home ever. No seriously, pizza screens (especially in the gluten-free realm) make your pizza cook evenly top to bottom and leave the crust perfectly light and crispy, yet soft and chewy.

This lightweight, thin perforated metal disc makes it super simple to slide on a frozen pizza, stick it in the oven, and take out a masterpiece. All without the weight and clean-up of a big, hot, and heavy pizza stone.  

Why not cook directly on the rack then, you ask? At Etalia, the unique composition of our gluten-free dough needs a stable surface, yet one that allows hot air to flow through to bake the crust evenly. A pizza screen is the perfect solution.

Do not bake your Etalia pizzas on a pizza stone, directly on the wire rack, or on a traditional pizza pan.  We promise there will be a mess.

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