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Pizza Screen

#1 Baking Tip - Use a Pizza Screen!

What’s a Pizza Screen?

Using a pizza screen is the absolute best way to bake pizza at home. It allows hot air to circulate underneath the dough to bake it through and crisp up the crust.

This lightweight, thin perforated disc makes it super simple to slide on a frozen pizza, stick it in the oven, and take out the perfect pizza. All without the weight and clean-up of a big, hot, and heavy pizza stone.  

Why not cook directly on the rack then, you ask? Our fresh dough (not pre-baked) needs a stable surface, yet one that allows hot air to flow through to bake the crust. A pizza screen is the perfect solution.

Do not bake your Etalia pizza directly on the wire rack, on a pizza stone, or on a baking pan. The dough will not bake through.

Where To Get A Pizza Screen

You will need a 14” diameter screen to fit our pizza.

1.  On Our Website

  • When you order pizza on our website, just add a Pizza Screen to your cart.

2.  Online at Amazon.com

3.  Sur La Table

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