Make delicious, fresh-baked pizza at home with etalia pizza dough. Simply top & bake. Made with simple, clean, organic ingredients. Organic | GF


BOULDER, CO – May 1, 2020

BREAKING NEWS: ETALIA PIZZA Now Available at Whole Foods Stores in Colorado

Etalia brings pizza joy back to households

Etalia Pizza, the “real-deal, fresh-baked artisan crust, organic, bake-at-home pizza that just happens to be gluten-free” is now available in the freezer section of Whole Foods stores in Colorado. The crust rises and bubbles to crispy-on-the-outside, chewy-on-the-inside perfection when baked in a 500-degree oven and has been known to elicit cries of joy from gluten-eaters and non-gluten-eaters alike. Made with wholesome, clean and simple ingredients like sorghum flour and organic tomatoes, the pizza contains fewer calories, fat, and cholesterol than other frozen pizzas and the dough is free from all Top-8 allergens. 

When Kristin Carman, founder of Etalia Foods, was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance, she mourned the loss of enjoying pizza, her most favorite food. So, she did what any strong-willed, resourceful and smart entrepreneur would do—she set out to learn how to develop, manufacture, package and distribute the best pizza on the market, gluten-free or otherwise.  Kristin, who has NY roots and very high pizza standards, says, “This isn’t just heating up frozen pizza, this is baking a fresh pizza at home. At Etalia, taste comes first. Great taste starts with great ingredients and we use the highest quality organic ingredients and let their delicious natural flavors shine through.” Kristin recommends purchasing a pizza screen and following the baking tips on their website here for best results.

Etalia is bringing pizza joy back to households. The Whole Foods Colorado roll-out is coming at a time when consumers are looking for ways to cook healthy, comforting food safely in their own homes. Customers can now bring home a few Etalia pies and enjoy fun and festive family pizza nights once again! The 13-inch pizzas come in 3 allergy-friendly varieties: Margherita, Verdura (vegetable and ricotta) and The Nudo (naked crust).




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