Hey Colorado! The Nudo Pizza Dough is available at Natural Grocers! They have our bread, too!

Pizza Screen - 14” (Add-On Product Only)

Product image 1Etalia aluminum pizza screen from top down on white background
Product image 2Etalia aluminum pizza screen from side angle on white background

Regular price $8.00

This is an add-on product only.
Orders placed with this product must contain pizza as well.

This lightweight disc makes it super simple to slide on a frozen pizza, stick it in the oven, and take out a masterpiece. All without the weight and clean-up of a big, hot, and heavy pizza stone.

Our first choice for baking Etalia products is on a pizza screen. While you can also use the white parchment paper that's included in the box, the best results will come from a pizza screen - especially if you like a really crispy bottom!

Pizza screens allow air to circulate underneath the dough to bake it through for a perfectly crispy crust.

  • Made from aluminum that heats up faster than stainless steel.
  • The 14-inch diameter is the perfect fit for your Etalia pizza.
  • Exceptionally lightweight and easy to maneuver in and around a hot oven.
  • Ventilated screen produces a more evenly baked pizza crust by allowing air to circulate underneath the crust!
  • Also great for serving your pizza to allow air to circulate underneath the crust to prevent it from getting soggy.

Please Note: This is an add-on product only. Orders that only contain a pizza screen will not be fulfilled and will be refunded.

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