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Pizza for Everyone

Pizza for Everyone

How many times have you had to buy one gluten-free version of your favorite food and buy a second gluten-full version for the rest of the family because your "special version" didn't taste that good? That’s why we spent nearly a decade perfecting a gluten-free pizza the whole family would love.

It's Just Great Pizza

This isn’t just a gluten-free pizza, it’s just a really great pizza. Our pizza is real-deal pizza, made in the traditional way — as those methods used in artisanal pizzerias — with outstanding flavor and texture.

Great Choice, Not Just an Alternative

Our crust is not just a “carrier” for toppings. It’s not an alternative, bland cracker-like crust. Our crust is beyond delicious, better-for-you and well, just simply fantastic.

Our fresh dough rises and bubbles as it bakes to create that light and crisp, yet soft and chewy texture everyone associates with "real gluten-full pizza". With the benefit of being gluten-free for those with a food intolerance or allergy, but also great tasting it can be the one frozen pizza you serve on family pizza night as your first choice, not just an alternative. With nutrient-packed and simple to pronounce ingredients, you can feel good about what you’re feeding your family.

Meant to be Shared - Large 13" Pizza

Et Alia is Latin for "and others". When we went to work crafting the best frozen gluten-free pizza, we knew it had to be something everyone in the family wanted (even if they don’t eat a gluten-free diet). Most gluten-free frozen pizzas are really small - like 6 - 9”. Not sure if that's because only the gluten-free eater will eat them because the others prefer a different pizza.
Our pizza is a large 13”—definitely enough for people to share. Once people taste it, they want more. Both gluten-free and gluten-full folks say, “This is amazing pizza. Are you sure it’s gluten-free?” :)
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