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Healthy, Quick, Delicious

Mom and kids laughing instead of being busyFinally, the tasty family-favorite with clean ingredients you deserve, at the speed life demands.

Unforgettable Organic AND Gluten-Free Frozen Pizza (Seriously)

We know you struggle with mom-guilt. Please stop. You are the amazing one-and-only you! Let us help you worry less and get a healthy, delicious dinner from freezer to table in 15 minutes. Our pizza is the one your whole family will love (gluten-free or not). Take back your family pizza night and make more time for the important things in life.

Our pizza checks all the boxes. Organic - ✓, Gluten-Free - ✓, Quick & Easy - ✓, Delicious - ✓, Nutritious - ✓

The Better, Better-for-You Pizza

Compared to gluten-free plant-based pizzas, our nutritional breakdown is often lower in fat and cholesterol with about the same about of carbs. With a dough made of nutrient-packed organic sorghum flour - even our naked pizza crust boasts powerful benefits. We have created a better-for-you pizza made with organic ingredients, AND it tastes like delicious traditional artisanal pizza. Thus, better and better-for-you!

Imagine that…a better-for-you pizza that you can’t wait to eat. We’re not just an alternative. Once you taste it, Etalia will be your first choice for pizza.

Made with Simple, Clean Ingredients

When you are out of healthy dinner ideas - we make it easy to have a back-up plan right in your freezer. We make our pizzas with fresh ingredients and immediately freeze them to preserve the nutritional benefit. Some people have a bias against frozen foods, but frozen produce is as nutritious as fresh produce (and sometimes even more), according to a study conducted by researchers at UC Davis.

We value simplicity. We don’t add fillers or preservatives. We craft our dough with simple, clean, organic, nutrition-packed ingredients. You can feel confident knowing you are feeding your family ingredients that you can pronounce, and free from artificial flavors and colors.

While our Margherita pizza is a numero uno hit, our veggie pizza receives great reviews from some of our pickiest of eaters. And if your little ones (or not so littles) love to help out in the kitchen, our Nudo crust offers a blank canvas ready to top with your family’s favorite fresh ingredients, from simple pepperoni to a unique breakfast pizza or a semi-sweet dessert pizza.

In case you’re curious

Sorghum is a nutrient-packed grain that is also naturally gluten-free. It is highly versatile - it can be cooked like rice or quinoa, but also can be ground into flour, which is how we use it for our pizza dough. Sorghum offers many nutritional benefits to staying healthy. It is packed with protein, magnesium, and phosphorus - great for building strong bones and muscles. Loaded with iron, making it good for the immune system and oxygen-carrying blood cells. And also provides vitamin B and niacin. Sorghum can also be rich in antioxidants. Sorghum can also help regulate insulin and glucose levels due to enzymes that inhibit or slow the absorption of starch by the body. Compared to other gluten-free alternatives or fillers that get added to gluten-free baked goods - sorghum looks like a superhero in the world of gluten-free nutrition. The sorghum flour in our pizza crust makes for a healthy dinner that you can’t wait to eat.
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